If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself, watch this.

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If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself and feel like you’re not enough, then this video is for you. We’ll practise self-compassion. This practice is so important when our partner is not quite there for us. Maybe you had an argument or just feel a general sense of disconnection. Self-compassion will help you to be there for yourself, to be loving with yourself so you don’t close down on your partner and give them a cold shoulder. To re-connect we need to stay open and loving. It’s a big ask if we don’t feel that love and compassion. That’s where self-compassion practice is crucial. It helps you to stay open and loving even when your relationship … Read More

How to Stop Arguing About Money

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how to stop arguing about money

Part One Money issues… (Do you want to know how to stop arguing about money?) Do you argue about money with your partner? Do you blame your partner for having a different way of dealing with money? Let’s stop the unnecessary arguments! All the conflict comes down to having different money blueprints. So what is a money blueprint? It is a relationship with money that people usually inherit from their parents. It’s the fears and hopes that people attach to money. It’s the way people deal with money and what money symbolises to them. Most of the time the problems that couples usually face are not about the amount of money as such, but about their different attitudes. Most couples attach opposing meaning to money and … Read More

Does you relationship suffer because you work too much?

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Are you a business owner or a professional? Do you know how to create a balance between your work and your family life? Or does your family and, especially romantic life suffer from too much work? Creating a balance between your business and family life is no simple task. Having a business is like nursing a baby – you have to give your full attention to it but you also have to have a REAL relationship with your spouse and kids. It can be tough to do both of these things well, as we’re sure many of you know! I’ve just been interview for Get It Done Mum podcast. I shared my journey from being an unhappy accountant and feeling … Read More

Actress gives relationship tips on Twitter

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The actress took to Twitter on Sunday, July 31, 2016 advising girls to “never settle for anyone who isn’t absolutely, insanely and foolishly happy to be with you.” Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has joined the likes of Toke Makinwa and Ali Baba in giving love tips and advice to fans. The actress took to Twitter on Sunday, July 31, 2016 advising girls to “never settle for anyone who isn’t absolutely, insanely and foolishly happy to be with you.” According to her, “One mans “annoying female” is another mans “damn baby where you been all my life.” View her full tweets below:   Original Link: http://pulse.ng/celebrities/yvonne-nelson-actress-gives-relationship-tips-on-twitter-id5331938.html

What Do Women Really Want?

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Isn’t it amazing?! The research found that men who kiss their wives daily live 5 years longer! So when we are asking for more affection, we are doing it to prolong their lives! John Gottman done tons of research with couples. He teaches men how to understand and love women, how to handle our emotional storms. Because! Listen to this! ‘How a man understands and responds to a woman will determine his eventual wealth, his social status, his energy and motivation for life, his resilience, his mental and physical health, how well his immune system works, how well he copes with stress, his happiness at home and at work, his self-confidence, his friendships, his connection to his children, how his … Read More

You just had an argument. What to do?

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You just had an argument. What to do? How to stop arguments from destroying the intimacy…   Scan your body. Where do you feel tension? Do you clench your hands? How are your jaws feeling? If you are tense, you are in a defensive mode and that’s not the place to have a conversation from. Step out. Physically create distance with your partner. Then scan your body and breathe into the parts that feel tense. Move your arms, jaws, pelvis and breathe deeply into your belly and hips. Breathe into your heart and feel gratitude for the sun, your life, your breath. Do you feel calmer and more relaxed now? Or do you need to go for a walk, talk to … Read More

Use your man to have delicious ecstatic sex

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Love is all about sharing, giving from an overflow. Love is not about trying to make our man to give us what we missed on in our childhood and what we are missing now. The simple truth here is, we are fully capable of giving ourselves what we need. It’s a marvellous thing to use your partner to share your joy and love of life.   To be partners in the adventure of life. To do mischief together. To celebrate your beauty. To celebrate his beauty. To have delicious ecstatic sex. Use him for this! Please, please don’t use him to make you feel better when you feel crap. Don’t use him for security and as a wall between you … Read More

Seduce Your Man Into Love by Connecting to Your Feminine Essence

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Why are we attracted to each other? What is it about? Sometimes I feel this attraction as a current of electricity that almost lifts my hair. It can be so strong, our bodies drawn to each other with such intensity, utterly magnetised to each other. What is this attraction?   Why is it so strong with some men and non-existent with others? I believe a large part of it is about our opposite polarities. The more polarised our magnets are, the stronger the attraction. Do you want a strong man by your side? A man who is stable, reliable, and able to love you through all your emotional states? If yes, you need to relax more into your soft feminine … Read More

How to sustain passion in a committed relationship

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couples counselling auckland 13

Why do we lose passion in long-term relationships? How can we restore the intensity of feelings that we had in the beginning of our relationships? Yes, we need to learn a way of communication that inspires love and also we need to bring more feminine/masculine polarity into the relationship. Want to learn the communication formula that will give you all the love and affection that you need? Join us for a 3-hour workshop in Auckland “Fire Up Your Connection and Fall Deeply in Love Again”. There are women who are more masculine at their core, and there are men who are more feminine, naturally, at their core. However, most men are more masculine, and most women are more feminine. Frequently … Read More

The most essential tip to have more intimacy

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Hi Beautiful, You can only change your relationship if you take full responsibility for it. I hear so often that women start to blame their partner, he’s that and he does that and doesn’t do this. How often do you blame your partner? I know it happens to me, even knowing all this stuff I still need to be very aware and take full responsibility for my actions and my contribution to the relationship. The truth is, if we blame, we can’t really change anything. We go into a victim mode and loose all power. To start changing things the first step is to take full responsibility for what’s happening in the present moment.   What is it that you … Read More