Use your man to have delicious ecstatic sex

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Love is all about sharing, giving from an overflow. Love is not about trying to make our man to give us what we missed on in our childhood and what we are missing now. The simple truth here is, we are fully capable of giving ourselves what we need. It’s a marvellous thing to use your partner to share your joy and love of life.   To be partners in the adventure of life. To do mischief together. To celebrate your beauty. To celebrate his beauty. To have delicious ecstatic sex. Use him for this! Please, please don’t use him to make you feel better when you feel crap. Don’t use him for security and as a wall between you … Read More

David Deida 3 Stages of Intimate Relationships

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I love David Deida’s style. His writing awakens all the romantic feelings in me and my admiration of men. I become all dreamy and want to know how else my relating can be enhanced. According to David Deida, an international teacher and author, there are 3 stages of relating. He calls these stages Dependent, 50 / 50, and Intimate Communion. What stage is your relationship in? If you are not at the third stage, start dreaming! I know it’s possible. I know you have the power to create that for yourself. Here are David Deida 3 Stages of Intimate Relationships: Stage One – Dependent relationship  “A Dependent Relationship involves partners who become dependent on each other for money, emotional support, parenting … Read More

Not Your Ordinary Relationship Coach in New Zealand

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WARNING: I’m not  your ordinary relationship coach from New Zealand, giving you advice on what to say to your man or how to look at him in a way you hope will make him love you more. I focus on who you are in the relationship rather than on what you do. We can change our behaviour, but if we don’t change what we believe about ourselves and life, nothing will really change. Simply adjusting our behaviour can be superficial, manipulative, and hard to sustain. Some relationship coaches tell you, for example, not to criticise your man and to appreciate him. How on earth are we supposed to do that if we feel that he doesn’t care, and he behaves in ways that hurt … Read More

How Do You Express Your Intention to Live Fully and Joyfully?

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I’ve written my book as an expression of my intention to live my life in full bloom and support people to live their lives in full bloom. How do you express your intention? You can download first chapter of “How to Make Him Fall in Love With You All Over Again: 7 Weeks to More Intimacy and Delicious Sex in Your Relationship” at No Cost here ==>

Where Was My Perfect Lover?

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“Where was my perfect lover whom I dreamt of when I was seventeen—the one who would take me on an ecstatic love adventure?  I was achieving great results in my career, yet I felt that routine took away my joy and passion. I was miserable. I didn’t feel loved, and I felt stuck in my relationship. It was terrifying to feel so completely alone while being with a man I loved.” From my book Download first chapter for free!

The Power of Love

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The power of love! I’m expanded. Somehow my body is three times its size, vibrantly alive, and pulsing with love, every cell throbbing with life. And there is this absolute certainty that life is beautiful. Love is an animating force that gives meaning and coherence to everything. From my book Download first chapter for free!

Love and Passion Require Completely Different Approaches to Flourish

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Do you feel excited about your relationship and look forward to a joyful and fulfilling love adventure together? Human beings have two conflicting needs: certainty (safety) and uncertainty (variety). Love and intimacy require a great amount of safety to flourish. Passion, on the other hand, thrives on variety and uncertainty. The question is, how can we balance these two needs to create deep intimacy and keep the passion alive? Find out here! Download first chapter for free!

Who Do You Blame For Lack of Intimacy and Excitement?

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Do you feel a lack of intimacy and excitement in your relationship? Who do you blame for it? I often hear women blaming their partners, accusing them of unacceptable behaviour and a lack of consideration. Women don’t realise that by blaming they imply their own powerlessness in the relationship. Ironically, that is probably what men would say too. An extract from my book. I offer you a gift of downloading the first chapter for free so you can start transforming your relationship straight away!

Are You Forgetting How Powerful You Are?

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I know some women say their man needs to change first and do work on himself. But we are forgetting how powerful we are. It’s much easier for us to connect to love and to attract our men into love. By nature women are more about love and connection; men are more about purpose and achieving. We are here to bring more love into life. I invite you to recognise your power and to start using it to create what you desire. From my book:

I love Love. I admire Men. I am a Woman.

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“I love love. I admire men. I am a woman. Love is so precious. Oh, the feeling of being completely in love. That sparkle in the eyes, the way that everything makes sense, the fact that there is purpose to everything…The sun shines so much brighter, and even the rain is romantic.”  From my book Download first chapter for free!