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Here you can review and read real feedback and testimonials from past clients about their experience working with me.

“Our relationship is much better now than 20 years ago”

Before working with Tarisha I felt bored and stuck in my relationship. I felt as if I was missing something. Sex became so mechanical. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I was so bored.

Our relationship is so good now. There is so much more depth there. You know, when we were young, we didn’t have this amount of depth and intimacy. Now I feel confident in myself and secure in our relationship, and I am able to express the full range of my emotions. I’m able to express my love whenever I feel like it. I’m authentic, and I feel how I bring so much more depth—more of myself—to our relationship. I never thought this could be possible. Our relationship is much better now than twenty-nine years ago. We trust each other, we respect each other, and we have more experience and wisdom. And sometimes we let it all go and play with each other as innocent kids. Yes, we have to nourish the relationship all the time and bring some excitement into it, but with Tarisha’s help we have the resources and knowledge now.Jo, Auckland, New Zealand

“I understand my husband so much better now”

My relationship with my husband was almost destroyed. With Tarisha’s help I understand my husband so much better now, and I’m so much more connected to myself. The intimacy between us now is so much deeper, a whole new level. Thank you! Thank you for your love and care, Tarisha.Ann, Auckland, New Zealand

“I feel like I was given a new life.”

I can’t believe my relationship with my husband changed so much! We are again in love as twenty years ago, but now this feels so much deeper. Wow! Where were you before, Tarisha? I feel like I was given a new life.Susan, Auckland, New Zealand

“In all fourteen years of our marriage, I never felt so much love and intimacy”

Before working with Tarisha, I was stuck in one place and felt unhappy. I was so tired and started to wait for the night to come in the morning. My relationship with my husband was good, but we didn’t have much excitement, and I thought it was because of our children and not enough time.

How wrong I was! The workshop changed my relationship so profoundly! In all fourteen years, I never felt so much love and connection with my husband. Our love is so much deeper now. The intimacy we created using Tarisha’s practices is beyond all words. Somehow, we even have more time for each other now. We are smiling more, and we are much more relaxed. Amazing how me going to the event changed my husband as well. He was stressed and overworked, but now he radiates joy and love. Wow! Just in one weekend! Where were you before, Tarisha? I feel like I was given a new life, I’m soooo happy.

Dear Woman, if you want to know more about your strength, your possibilities, and your beauty, this is a right place to start. You can explore your own senses, dreams, and hidden valleys with Tarisha’s help. It’s all here in you, and all you need is some guidance. And it’s always good to spend time with like-minded women. I’m still discovering the depth of my love for my husband and myself.Barbara D, Auckland, New Zealand

“Tarisha helped me connect with my sensuality!”

I came to Tarisha’s workshop feeling quite stressed and dealing with a lot of grief.

Tarisha really helped me raise my energy, connect with my sensuality, and express myself. It was delicious! Thank you Tarisha!Akke, Tauranga, New Zealand

“Tarisha Really Understands What Men and Women Need”

Almost immediately after Tarisha arrived at our weekly Essentially Men group for a talk about relationships between men and women , a new energy seemed to take hold of our group…We enjoyed rich, honest discussion about men’s and women’s needs, and it was fascinating to explore the male-female dynamic. I gained powerful insights into my relationship with my partner, and I feel as if I understand women better now. It was an uplifting and illuminating experience!Eric Atwood, Auckland, Essentially Men

“My relationships with women will forever be enhanced”

Tarisha’s visit provided some vital insights into the way I as a man think and react, and how differently women think and react to those same actions, in a way that no man could do. My relationships with women will forever be enhanced by that evening.Phil, Auckland, Essentially Men

“My relationship had changed markedly, and my wife says to me, “Now you get it!” We are intimate with each other. I feel wanted and significant.”

Before I went to coaching from Tarisha, my relationship of nearly thirty years was at an all time low (and had been for while). We rarely were intimate with each other and sex was almost nonexistent.

I had read loads of books on the topic and done couple and individual counselling in the past with little effect. My wife would say to me about our love life and relationship, “You just don’t get it do you?” And she was right! But she didn’t seem to want to help out by telling me “what I didn’t get.”

From my perspective I wasn’t getting the love and connection I desired from our relationship, and my being a nice, loving man, helping out at home, or doing things with our children had no or minimal effect on how things were.

In my work as a mechanic, when a customer brings their vehicle in, I often know what is wrong within a few minutes of checking the vehicle over. Tarisha was like that about my relationship with my wife. After a few sessions with Tarisha, my relationship had changed markedly, and my wife can now be heard saying to me, “Now you get it!” Or “Now you’re talking my language!” We are intimate with each other and make love. I feel wanted and significant.

The key for me, with Tarisha’s guidance, was understanding what was going on inside me and learning about myself. Then Tarisha’s unique intuition and relationship knowledge guided me to learn the language that had been there all along, that my wife had been “trying to tell me!”William, Auckland, New Zealand

“With Tarisha’s help romance is creeping in our life”

I have a beautiful relationship with my husband – he is my best friend, my lover, my world, however, I was feeling out of sorts, that I was not giving him enough. I actually couldn’t put my finger on it – I adore him! Isn’t that enough? Not for me! It was bugging me!

At first I was dubious, if I would benefit from Tarisha’s work. Through the course of the workshop my thinking changed – my understanding became clearer. As it turned out my learning curve was going to be huge! I realised it was not what more I could give my husband it was actually all about ME! It was rather a ‘WOW’ time, one of realisation – I couldn’t change what I needed to in my relationship until I changed something very simple within me. The work we did really helped me to become clear on my direction and what and how I need to change.

It all boiled down to me not feeling feminine – not being in touch with my ‘girlyness’ with my romantic side! How can I expect to romance him if I can’t romance myself. This was what I learned – I’m not going to say how it dawned on me (attend the course!!) it’s different for everyone.

All I can say is without Tarisha’s passion and understanding of our role, as females, in our relationships, our belief systems that affect the way we relate to our hubbies and partners – well I wouldn’t have made the choice to make a change, to connect to my feminine and flirty self! In fact I wouldn‘t have known what was missing for me – I am choosing to become my idea of feminine, a definition I am still fine tuning! The impact with us? Romance is creeping into our lives – and well the rest is personal .Emma Grieve, Auckland, New Zealand

“She helped us to gain realisation and gave us the tools to make better choices before heading to that “stuck” state.”

When I reached out to Tarisha, after 4 years of marriage my husband and I were in a very disconnected place and nothing seemed to change that. 

When working with a Tarisha she helped us to realise the negative patterns that we were both doing and practising within our relationship. She helped us to gain realisation and gave us the tools to make better choices before heading to that “stuck” state. We have come out the other side and we are truely happy and are able to read and communicate so much better, both feeling so much more fulfilled. 

We have been working with Tarisha as a couple for over a year in addition I have attended one of her women’s workshops which was an amazing experience. 

We are so grateful for her patience, knowledge and expertise and I would highly recommend her to add value to anyone’s  relationship or marriage no matter how young or old it is.
Rachel & Sam