Seduce Your Partner Into Love

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Boredom… Do you feel more like mates than lovers with your partner? Maybe craving affection and romance. Remembering the old days… Why does passion die? Read on to learn how to seduce your partner into love… What creates the attraction? I believe a large part of it is about our opposite polarities. The more polarised our magnets are, the stronger the attraction. David Deida and Michaela Boehm talk a lot about polarising our magnets. Read more about David Deida’s 3 stages of relationships here. The problem with long-term relationships is that we become too similar in our essence. Quite often I hear couples say: “We are more like flatmates now, we function together, take care of our kids. It’s like … Read More

How To Feel Attractive In Your Own Skin

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How To Feel Attractive In Your Own SkinL Do you feel attractive? Or ugly and fat? A woman who doesn’t like her body, doesn’t feel comfortable about some parts of her body has that energy around her and doesn’t matter how much she beautifies herself, how well she dresses or how much make up she puts on, she still will have that unattractive and maybe even repulsive energy, depending on how big her dislike of her body is. To become attractive and radiant is an inside job. We need to change our beliefs about our bodies before we can convince anyone else that we are loveable and sexy. What does it mean to stand in full partnership with ourselves? To fully love … Read More

Should I Stay or Should I Leave My Relationship?

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should I stay or should I leave my relationship

Should I stay or should I leave? Tough question… And painful. Painful to stay feeling unfulfilled and unloved. Painful to leave not knowing if it’s the right decision. Especially if you have children. There is a reason why you want to figure out if your current relationship is right for you.  Maybe you want to… experience a deep & fulfilling connection be seen and appreciated for who you are feel at home with your partner, peaceful and relaxed enjoy excitement and passion The problem is, if you are not sure whether to stay or not, this uncertainty can destroy your relationship. You need to know your love blueprint to make a decision that benefits everyone involved. Which one are you? … Read More

Are you in the right relationship?

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are you in the right relationship

The relationship road could be hellish…  It seems that the story of ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t stand the test of reality… Relationships are a fast track to personal growth. And somehow humans grow through discomfort and tension.  Good news: if you are having problems in your relationship – it’s normal. What is your experience? Hit reply to share. None of us are perfect people. So it makes sense that relationship between two imperfect humans is challenging. We all misinterpret things, react and get upset. It’s okay. It’s part of being human. I know, I know, we are tricked into believing that if we find that perfect partner, it’d be all chocolate and roses. And some of us continue looking for … Read More

Is your sex life boring?’ Here’s why…

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boring sex

Is your sex life boring? Sex… Enjoyable or frustrating? Supposed to be lots of fun, right? If sex is not as fulfilling as you want it to be… …you might have a nun/monk archetype as part of your psyche. An archetype is an energy that represents universal patterns of human nature. Most of us are familiar with a hero or mother archetypes. (read Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss for more info on archetypes and how they play out in our lives). If you have Monk/Nun archetype as part of your psyche (no, you don’t have to be an actual nun to have this archetype) and you are not engaging a spiritual dimension of sex… it could be difficult for you … Read More

If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself, watch this.

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If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself and feel like you’re not enough, then this video is for you. We’ll practise self-compassion. This practice is so important when our partner is not quite there for us. Maybe you had an argument or just feel a general sense of disconnection. Self-compassion will help you to be there for yourself, to be loving with yourself so you don’t close down on your partner and give them a cold shoulder. To re-connect we need to stay open and loving. It’s a big ask if we don’t feel that love and compassion. That’s where self-compassion practice is crucial. It helps you to stay open and loving even when your relationship … Read More

How to Stop Arguing About Money

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how to stop arguing about money

Part One Money issues… (Do you want to know how to stop arguing about money?) Do you argue about money with your partner? Do you blame your partner for having a different way of dealing with money? Let’s stop the unnecessary arguments! All the conflict comes down to having different money blueprints. So what is a money blueprint? It is a relationship with money that people usually inherit from their parents. It’s the fears and hopes that people attach to money. It’s the way people deal with money and what money symbolises to them. Most of the time the problems that couples usually face are not about the amount of money as such, but about their different attitudes. Most couples attach opposing meaning to money and … Read More

Conversations That Matter

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conversations that matter

I’ve recently came back from the Feminine Power retreat in San Francisco with over one hundred gorgeous women. Wow! It was so profound! In the morning, during in-sessions, at lunch, at dinner and on our walks we were having conversations that matter. I never felt so heard, understood, seen, appreciated and inspired to do my work. It’s amazing how much intimacy and connection ‘just listening’ creates. Are you having conversations that matter in your relationships? Or do you mainly discuss functional details of life with your partner? Now is the time to start having conversations that matter! Here are the steps: 1. Take a moment to breathe deeply and focus on your inner world. What’s really going on with you? … Read More

Do you know your partner? Importance of attentive listening.

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Do you want to be understood by your partner? Well, there is a saying, first seek to understand before trying to be understood. So let’s practice attentive listening this week. Attentive listening makes our partner feel safe and open up to us emotionally. Truly listen, be on his side, and be curious by asking, “Is there anything else you have to say?” Don’t try to figure out what you want to say on the topic when he’s speaking. Don’t agree or disagree. Just be curious and attentive. Think of your partner. How well do you know him? Do you know what your partner values in life? What drives him in life? What’s important to him? Does your partner have any … Read More

Auckland Mayor: my favourite high-power empowered client

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Susanna Kruger is running as an independent candidate for Mayor of Auckland 2016. I was privileged to support Susanna in stepping into her full power. What a woman! So feminine and so strong. She is a testament that no matter our circumstances, we can have it all. Here is her story. From Stroppy Waitress To Social Entrepreneur   Has anyone ever dared to lock their spouse out of the house? I mean, for good . . . I suggest you don’t! A fallout with his church left me homeless and penniless so I became a waitress. I was a size eight, forty-eight, and working till late. I then remembered the late President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography – Long Walk To Freedom … Read More