Auckland Mayor: my favourite high-power empowered client

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Susanna Kruger is running as an independent candidate for Mayor of Auckland 2016. I was privileged to support Susanna in stepping into her full power. What a woman! So feminine and so strong. She is a testament that no matter our circumstances, we can have it all. Here is her story. From Stroppy Waitress To Social Entrepreneur   Has anyone ever dared to lock their spouse out of the house? I mean, for good . . . I suggest you don’t! A fallout with his church left me homeless and penniless so I became a waitress. I was a size eight, forty-eight, and working till late. I then remembered the late President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography – Long Walk To Freedom … Read More

What a magical event we created!

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Greetings beautiful What a magical and powerful journey into the world of love and passion we had last weekend!  I’m tremendously grateful to all the participants for being so open and authentic, for being so passionate about creating more love in your life and really taking responsibility for it.  Thank you! The event we all created was truly magical, with some very deep transformations for women.  And all of you became so Radiant by the end of our time together! Here is what some of the participants said afterwards: “I can’t believe my relationship with my husband changed so much!  We are again in love as 14 years ago, but now this feels so much deeper.  Wow!  Just in one … Read More