What a magical event we created!

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Greetings beautiful

What a magical and powerful journey into the world of love and passion we had last weekend!  I’m tremendously grateful to all the participants for being so open and authentic, for being so passionate about creating more love in your life and really taking responsibility for it.  Thank you!

The event we all created was truly magical, with some very deep transformations for women.  And all of you became so Radiant by the end of our time together!

Here is what some of the participants said afterwards:

“I can’t believe my relationship with my husband changed so much!  We are again in love as 14 years ago, but now this feels so much deeper.  Wow!  Just in one weekend!  Where were you before, Tarisha?”

“Before the workshop I felt so angry, frustrated and unfulfilled in my relationship.  Now I feel so open and soft.  I feel so much love, bliss and peace, I can’t wait to go home to share this with my partner.  Thank you for your commitment and passion, Tarisha.”

“What drove me to the Passionate Love Adventure event is feeling sad, unmotivated, flat and trapped in my relationship.  I feel as a Goddess now!  It is in my power to ignite the passion in my life.”

“My relationship with my husband was almost destroyed.  With Tarisha’s help I understand my husband so much better now and I’m so much more connected to myself.  The intimacy between us now is so much deeper, whole new level.  Thank you! Thank you for your love and care, Tarisha.  Your desire to help me really touched me.”

“I felt so stuck, tired and unhappy.  After the workshop I realised I can sing!  I’m in love with myself and everybody!”

I’m still buzzing with your love and energy.  Thank you!

Love and Passion!

Tarisha Tourok
Re-Ignite Your Passion Coach


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