Are you feeling confident and radiant?

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Are you feeling confident and radiant? Attractive and comfortable in your own skin? Or do you expect someone else to make you feel better? The most important thing in reclaiming our magnetic feminine power is a need to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin. We need to love our body and be happy to share its delights with our lover. How can we fully enjoy someone touching us and looking at us if we think that the body we were gifted for this life is in some way defective and not good enough.

Tantric Practice for Women

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Hi Gorgeous Are you interested in exploring Tantra? Here is a gentle practice for you, which can be quite profound. Feel your yoni (Tantra word for female genitals), your sexual centre and the seat of your pleasure. Feel your heart centre in the middle of your chest, the seat of your love. Imagine that you have a channel extending from your yoni into your heart. Breathe in from your yoni up the channel and into your heart. Breathe out from your heart into your yoni. Feel these two beautiful centres connecting, uniting your pleasure and your love.     Warmly, Tarisha Tourok Re-Ignite Your Love Coach

What a magical event we created!

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Greetings beautiful What a magical and powerful journey into the world of love and passion we had last weekend!  I’m tremendously grateful to all the participants for being so open and authentic, for being so passionate about creating more love in your life and really taking responsibility for it.  Thank you! The event we all created was truly magical, with some very deep transformations for women.  And all of you became so Radiant by the end of our time together! Here is what some of the participants said afterwards: “I can’t believe my relationship with my husband changed so much!  We are again in love as 14 years ago, but now this feels so much deeper.  Wow!  Just in one … Read More