Where Was My Perfect Lover?

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“Where was my perfect lover whom I dreamt of when I was seventeen—the one who would take me on an ecstatic love adventure?  I was achieving great results in my career, yet I felt that routine took away my joy and passion. I was miserable. I didn’t feel loved, and I felt stuck in my relationship. It was terrifying to feel so completely alone while being with a man I loved.” From my book www.deeplyinloveagain.com/book. Download first chapter for free!

The Power of Love

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The power of love! I’m expanded. Somehow my body is three times its size, vibrantly alive, and pulsing with love, every cell throbbing with life. And there is this absolute certainty that life is beautiful. Love is an animating force that gives meaning and coherence to everything. From my book www.deeplyinloveagain.com/book. Download first chapter for free!

What Tarisha is Up To in March 2013

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Re-branding my business to Deeply in Love Again – where women who don’t settle for less create magical intimate relationships; Variety of private clients – by making a decision to work with me, one of my clients has started the transformation in her life and even by our 3rdsession, she created a new possibility of love for herself! My book is in the final stages of the publishing process! Only couple of weeks left, I’m thrilled. Watch the space ‘How to Make Him Fall in Love with You All Over Again: 7 Weeks to More Intimacy and Delicious Sex in Your Relationship’

Are you doing what you need to do?

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Hi Gorgeous! I’m swimming in the ocean every morning! It gives me so much joy, energy and this amazing feeling of being in love with life. That everything is just the way it should be! And it’s freezing, I tell you. It takes my breath away. But so goooooood! And you know what? I knew I had to do it ages ago, but I was too lazy. I got sick and was in bed for couple of weeks. I started to feel depressed, everything seemed to be ok but nothing really gave me any joy, nothing seemed to work and I wasn’t inspired to write my book even. But now! I have so much energy! I write, I laugh and … Read More

Tarisha’s story – Relationship Coach for Women, New Zealand

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My dream is to see every woman, YOU, overflowing with joy and being deeply, totally and completely in love with yourself just the way you are. Isn’t it time you CELEBRATE YOURSELF?! My passion is to empower you to: *Step into your sensuality and feminine power *Appreciate your body and fall in love with yourself *Create a passionate and fulfilling relationship with your man *Understand your man better *Deepen the intimacy and create excitement in your love life *Unleash a new level of confidence in you My unique approach is highly experiential and allows you to unlock your sensuality and feminine power. This process gives you tools and wisdom to create loving, passionate and flourishing relationships. I started my journey … Read More