How To Feel Attractive In Your Own Skin

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How To Feel Attractive In Your Own SkinL Do you feel attractive? Or ugly and fat? A woman who doesn’t like her body, doesn’t feel comfortable about some parts of her body has that energy around her and doesn’t matter how much she beautifies herself, how well she dresses or how much make up she puts on, she still will have that unattractive and maybe even repulsive energy, depending on how big her dislike of her body is. To become attractive and radiant is an inside job. We need to change our beliefs about our bodies before we can convince anyone else that we are loveable and sexy. What does it mean to stand in full partnership with ourselves? To fully love … Read More

Tantric Practice for Women

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Hi Gorgeous Are you interested in exploring Tantra? Here is a gentle practice for you, which can be quite profound. Feel your yoni (Tantra word for female genitals), your sexual centre and the seat of your pleasure. Feel your heart centre in the middle of your chest, the seat of your love. Imagine that you have a channel extending from your yoni into your heart. Breathe in from your yoni up the channel and into your heart. Breathe out from your heart into your yoni. Feel these two beautiful centres connecting, uniting your pleasure and your love.     Warmly, Tarisha Tourok Re-Ignite Your Love Coach