A secret for you to feel attractive and comfortable in your own skin

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How To Feel Attractive In Your Own Skin

Let’s talk about our sexy bodies.

A woman who doesn’t like her body, doesn’t feel comfortable about some parts of her body has that energy around her and doesn’t matter how much she beautifies herself, how well she dresses or how much make up she puts on, she still will have that unattractive and maybe even repulsive energy, depending on how big her dislike of her body is.

To become attractive and radiant is an inside job.

We need to change our beliefs about our bodies before we can convince anyone else that we are loveable and sexy.


Now, think of a part of your body that you don’t feel comfortable with, you don’t really like, the part that you feel insecure about.

It maybe because of your age, your height, your weight, stretch marks.

Feel into that part and see if any emotions come up when you connect to that part of your body.

What do you make this part mean about you?

I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not loveable’, ‘I’m inferior’, ‘others are better, more beautiful’.

Feel it and let the answer come.

Now connect to the part of your body that you feel grateful to.

Maybe it’s your breasts that nourished your children so well, maybe it’s your hands that can do so many things and are so gentle.

Maybe it’s your legs that take you to places and allow you to explore the world.

Connect to that part and breath into it.

And now, from this place of gratitude, ask yourself:

What is my deeper truth?

Who I am really?

What is my truth?

Maybe it’s ‘I’m a sensual, sexy woman’, ‘I’m loveable’, ‘I’m here to give and receive love’, ‘I’m a desirable woman’.

Find your truth that doesn’t depend on any part of your body. Because the energy that we hold in our bodies is so much more than separate parts.

The ultimate potential of the body is to create a place where love, bliss and joy can happen.


So what is your deeper truth? Who are you really?

Let me know what you find out! I’d love to hear from you!

To you passionate and fulfilling life!



Tarisha Tourok
Re-Ignite Your Passion Coach

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2 Comments on “A secret for you to feel attractive and comfortable in your own skin”

  1. This bought tears to my eyes. Its been so long since I have given and received total love I am no longer sure I can. This has definitely given me food for thought.

    1. Hi Beautiful
      I feel your pain. I totally believe that we are here to give and receive love, no other reason. It’s our birth right. I stand for you in re-discovering your abundant love.

      With all my heart,
      Tarisha Tourok

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