Angry or Upset With Your Partner?
Follow This 5-Step Formula To Stop Destructive Arguments and Get Your Needs Met

There’s that familiar tension. You’re starting that same argument again.

Why is this happening? Why doesn’t my partner understand me?

Sound familiar?

Learn the 5 critical steps to stop destructive arguments. Apply these steps in your relationship to solve even the hardest disagreements. (TIP: Don’t even try to resolve your arguments without applying steps 3 & 4…)
Get through to our partner so you feel heard, loved and understood.
Use this formula with your partner, your children and your friends to become a top communicator everyone wants to be around!
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Create even more intimacy and understanding with your partner by skilfully navigating through your disagreements.
This is the same formula my private clients use with great success to stop arguments from destroying their love. Follow these simple steps to get your needs met. Tarisha Tourok, Relationship Therapist and Author of "Deeply In Love Again"

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