Deep Connection and Enjoyable Communication in Your Relationship

It really is possible to understand each other better and fall deeply in love again with your partner, even if you've been together for many years.

I help couples to stop having that same argument, again and again, understand each other better, and enjoy a truly fulfilling relationship using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) intertwined with tantric practices.

For the therapy to work, both of you need to be committed and willing to do the work. And sometimes, no matter what we do, things just don't work out. However, you'll know that you've done your best and stop feeling stuck.

You might be:

* feeling disconnected and frustrated in your relationship
* feeling misunderstood and unappreciated
* resenting your partner for not giving you what you need
* living like flatmates, not lovers

Or maybe you feel there is much more to life and you are ready to take your relationship to a new level with delicious love-making and deeply fulfilling intimacy.

I'd love to help you get started with a complimentary "Get the Love You Desire" Discovery Session.

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  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of a relationship you’d like to have with your partner;
  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with creating the love life you dream about;
  • You’ll understand what Emotionally Focused Therapy involves and if it's right for you and your partner.

You will come out of this powerful session with:

  • A new awareness of what is causing many of the challenges in your relationship right now (they may not be what you think!)
  • A sense of hope that comes from knowing there is a way forward
  • A “next-step” action plan for improving your relationship

I only have 5 spaces open for these sessions all month and once they are gone, they're gone!

To apply for a complimentary "Get the Love You Desire" breakthrough session, complete the application form below. I will contact you within 1-3 business days to schedule your session if I feel that we are a match and I can help you.

You don't have to leave your house for the session, we will talk on the Zoom; so it doesn't matter where you are in the world!

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Here's what my clients say:

"The intimacy between us now is so much deeper."

"My relationship with my husband was almost destroyed. With Tarisha's help I understand my husband so much better now and I'm so much more connected to myself. The intimacy between us now is so much deeper, whole new level. Thank you! Thank you for your love and care, Tarisha."

"When I reached out to Tarisha, after 4 years of marriage my husband and I were in a very disconnected place and nothing seemed to change that."

"When working with a Tarisha she helped us to realise the negative patterns that we were both doing and practising within our relationship. She helped us to gain realisation and gave us the tools to make better choices before heading to that “stuck” state. We have come out the other side and we are truely happy and are able to read and communicate so much better, both feeling so much more fulfilled. We have been working with Tarisha as a couple for over a year in addition I have attended one of her women’s workshops which was an amazing experience. "We are so grateful for her patience, knowledge and expertise and I would highly recommend her to add value to anyone’s relationship or marriage no matter how young or old it is."

"I feel like I was given a new life."

"I can't believe my relationship with my husband changed so much! We are again in love as 14 years ago, but now this feels so much deeper. Wow! Just in one weekend! Where were you before, Tarisha? I feel like I was given a new life."

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I'd love to help you get started with a complimentary "Get the Love You Desire" Session.

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Meet Tarisha

Auckland couples therapist  Tarisha Tourok

My qualifications:

* Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling from Massey University
* Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy from the Auckland University of Technology
* Graduate of Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy 2-year professional training
* Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (EFT) levels 1 & 2 professional trainings
* Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFIT) levels 1 & 2
* Somatic Approaches to Trauma professional training
* Certified BioDynamic Breathwork practitioner
* Certified Feminine Power coach
* Former Associate Chartered Accountant

I work online and in my office in Westmere, Auckland. I also lead couple's intensives and couples and women's retreats.

I have a particular interest in working with couples who want more sexual fulfilment, experience sexual difficulties and/or have a history of unwanted sexual experiences. I'm trained in supporting clients with sexual trauma as well as using tantric arts to bring more joy into couple's sex life.

Whether you've been feeling dissatisfied in your relationship for years, have just experienced a breakdown in trust or starting a new relationship, it all comes down to (re)creating a solid emotional connection with your partner that can withstand life's ups and downs.

I offer an evidence-based approach of Emotionally Focused Therapy that has been proven to consistently show excellent follow-up results, and some studies show that significant progress continues after therapy.

EFT is the only model of couple intervention that uses a systematic empirically validated theory of adult bonding as the basis for understanding and alleviating relationship problems. EFT has been proven to be successful across different kinds of clients and couples facing co-morbidities such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In brief, EFT works very well, results last, and it works across different populations and problems

In our work together I will...

... guide you to identify the painful communication cycle you and your partner inadvertently engage in...

... show you how to change your negative cycle into a positive one that creates more connection and understanding...

... help you share with your partner what you need in a way that they can hear and respond to positively...

... help you find a way to bring a deep emotional connection with your partner...

... show you how to update your communication so you can understand each other better...

... help you create exciting and satisfying sex life...

... show you how to resolve long-standing disagreements so you're not constantly arguing about the same issues...

... encourage you to nurture your relationship so that your relationship nurtures you.

Of course, I can't promise you that your relationship will work out. Sometimes we are just not meant to be together and things don't work out no matter what we do. But I can promise that you will gain clarity, understand each other better, and more importantly you will understand how you work and what you contribute to the difficulties so you don't have to repeat painful relational dynamics.

I'd love to hear from you,


I'd love to help you get started with a complimentary "Get the Love You Desire" Session.

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