If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself, watch this.

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If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself and feel like you’re not enough, then this video is for you. We’ll practise self-compassion. This practice is so important when our partner is not quite there for us. Maybe you had an argument or just feel a general sense of disconnection. Self-compassion will help you to be there for yourself, to be loving with yourself so you don’t close down on your partner and give them a cold shoulder. To re-connect we need to stay open and loving. It’s a big ask if we don’t feel that love and compassion. That’s where self-compassion practice is crucial. It helps you to stay open and loving even when your relationship … Read More

The Difference Between A Weak Man And A Strong Man

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What do you think is a difference between a strong and a weak man? Or is there such  a thing as a weak man? Jason Gaddis defines  a weak man as the one who doesn’t want to take any responsibility for what’s happening in the relationship, blames the woman for all the problems and eventually runs away. In contrast, strong man raises to the occasion and owns up to his contribution to the relationship. I actually think it’s more about courage, than strength. I can be shaking of fear, and still have the courage to see the influence I have on my relationship dynamics. But then, all of us have different journeys and some of us might need to go … Read More

The 7 Habits of Smart Magnetic Women. How to Be Happy In Your Relationship & Mesmerize Your Man.

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mesmerize your man

By harnessing the power of habit you can enjoy the life and relationship you really want. Here are the seven habits of smart magnetic women that will keep you feeling nurtured and vibrant with lots of love in your heart. Are these habits part of your daily life? Which ones do you need to adopt to create the life that delights you? There is simply no way to create a deep intimate connection with your partner, if you don’t prioritise your self-care. If you don’t have a habit of putting yourself first on your to-do list, then you probably feel resentful and depleted, or blame your partner for not giving you what you need. This energy is not magnetic! And … Read More

David Deida 3 Stages of Intimate Relationships

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I love David Deida’s style. His writing awakens all the romantic feelings in me and my admiration of men. I become all dreamy and want to know how else my relating can be enhanced. According to David Deida, an international teacher and author, there are 3 stages of relating. He calls these stages Dependent, 50 / 50, and Intimate Communion. What stage is your relationship in? If you are not at the third stage, start dreaming! I know it’s possible. I know you have the power to create that for yourself. Here are David Deida 3 Stages of Intimate Relationships: Stage One – Dependent relationship  “A Dependent Relationship involves partners who become dependent on each other for money, emotional support, parenting … Read More

Are you doing what you need to do?

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Hi Gorgeous! I’m swimming in the ocean every morning! It gives me so much joy, energy and this amazing feeling of being in love with life. That everything is just the way it should be! And it’s freezing, I tell you. It takes my breath away. But so goooooood! And you know what? I knew I had to do it ages ago, but I was too lazy. I got sick and was in bed for couple of weeks. I started to feel depressed, everything seemed to be ok but nothing really gave me any joy, nothing seemed to work and I wasn’t inspired to write my book even. But now! I have so much energy! I write, I laugh and … Read More

What a magical event we created!

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Greetings beautiful What a magical and powerful journey into the world of love and passion we had last weekend!  I’m tremendously grateful to all the participants for being so open and authentic, for being so passionate about creating more love in your life and really taking responsibility for it.  Thank you! The event we all created was truly magical, with some very deep transformations for women.  And all of you became so Radiant by the end of our time together! Here is what some of the participants said afterwards: “I can’t believe my relationship with my husband changed so much!  We are again in love as 14 years ago, but now this feels so much deeper.  Wow!  Just in one … Read More