If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself, watch this.

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If your relationship is challenging or you’re tired of judging yourself and feel like you’re not enough, then this video is for you. We’ll practise self-compassion.

This practice is so important when our partner is not quite there for us. Maybe you had an argument or just feel a general sense of disconnection. Self-compassion will help you to be there for yourself, to be loving with yourself so you don’t close down on your partner and give them a cold shoulder.

To re-connect we need to stay open and loving. It’s a big ask if we don’t feel that love and compassion. That’s where self-compassion practice is crucial. It helps you to stay open and loving even when your relationship is lacking love in the current moment.

It’s slightly hilarious as my son is starring in it. I know, I know, I’ve mistaken his mouth for his heart and he was making faces!

I do hope this funny video will stay with you and you’ll practise self-compassion.

Research shows that people who practise self-compassion are happier, more creative, more fulfilled and are even healthier.

They also have better relationships because they deeply and intimately understand how it is to feel not good enough. And because they are kind to themselves, they can be kind to others.

What is self-compassion? It’s a practice of being your best friend, your support figure. You know the way you support other people when they are upset or they know they’ve messed up?

It’s a practice of loving the messiness of ourselves. Knowing our shadows, knowing our demons and still loving ourselves.

Are you ready to practise some self-compassion? This is a very sweet and gentle practice. It will give you a sense of inner peace, calmness and confidence in your ability to handle life’s challenges.

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