How to sustain passion in a committed relationship

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Why do we lose passion in long-term relationships? How can we restore the intensity of feelings that we had in the beginning of our relationships? Yes, we need to learn a way of communication that inspires love and also we need to bring more feminine/masculine polarity into the relationship. Want to learn the communication formula that will give you all the love and affection that you need? Join us for a 3-hour workshop in Auckland “Fire Up Your Connection and Fall Deeply in Love Again”. There are women who are more masculine at their core, and there are men who are more feminine, naturally, at their core. However, most men are more masculine, and most women are more feminine. Frequently … Read More

The Women’s Day, 8th of March.

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I have a dream. It reminds me of spring time in Russia. The Women’s Day, 8th of March. Women are smiling, happy and radiant. Men are walking on the streets with flowers, looking at every woman as a precious beautiful Gift. The look in men’s eyes allows women to feel even more beautiful and loved. Women appreciate men for that. They start to see the best in men. Women start to feel that “ahhh” in their hearts and become even more beautiful and graceful. Seeing so much beauty, men start to adore women even more. The sun is smiling; the snow is melting. And so it goes on. Love and beauty grow until the day becomes overwhelmingly magical and all … Read More

True growing edge

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The growing edge of humanity is not in figuring out how to build new machines, it’s in learning how to connect and love no matter what. Can we accomplish this big task by ourselves? I don’t think so. To truly transform our intimate relationships we need support of those who can show us our blind spots. It’s impossible to change our relationships just by learning skills. We need to be able to deal with our emotions. Because if we get upset with our partner, we forget all the skills and become pure emotion, we jump into our primal brain and using skills requires us to be in our logical brain. We all get disconnected, we all get upset. What we … Read More

What a magical event we created!

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Greetings beautiful What a magical and powerful journey into the world of love and passion we had last weekend!  I’m tremendously grateful to all the participants for being so open and authentic, for being so passionate about creating more love in your life and really taking responsibility for it.  Thank you! The event we all created was truly magical, with some very deep transformations for women.  And all of you became so Radiant by the end of our time together! Here is what some of the participants said afterwards: “I can’t believe my relationship with my husband changed so much!  We are again in love as 14 years ago, but now this feels so much deeper.  Wow!  Just in one … Read More