Do you know your partner? Importance of attentive listening.

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Do you want to be understood by your partner? Well, there is a saying, first seek to understand before trying to be understood. So let’s practice attentive listening this week. Attentive listening makes our partner feel safe and open up to us emotionally. Truly listen, be on his side, and be curious by asking, “Is there anything else you have to say?” Don’t try to figure out what you want to say on the topic when he’s speaking. Don’t agree or disagree. Just be curious and attentive. Think of your partner. How well do you know him? Do you know what your partner values in life? What drives him in life? What’s important to him? Does your partner have any … Read More

How to sustain passion in a committed relationship

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Why do we lose passion in long-term relationships? How can we restore the intensity of feelings that we had in the beginning of our relationships? Yes, we need to learn a way of communication that inspires love and also we need to bring more feminine/masculine polarity into the relationship. Want to learn the communication formula that will give you all the love and affection that you need? Join us for a 3-hour workshop in Auckland “Fire Up Your Connection and Fall Deeply in Love Again”. There are women who are more masculine at their core, and there are men who are more feminine, naturally, at their core. However, most men are more masculine, and most women are more feminine. Frequently … Read More

Do you create deeper connection or push your partner away?

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It’s almost spring in New Zealand! Can you feel love in the air?  Do you create more connection in your relationship by listening and being curious, or do you push your partner away by disregarding his opinions? Attentive listening makes our partner feel safe and open up to us emotionally. A man puts his experience and himself into his opinions.  It’s an expression of who he is. Like for us our feelings are an expression of who we are. We hate it when men try to change or fix our feelings and tell us we shouldn’t feel this way…true? Same goes for men; they put themselves into their opinions and feel disrespected and unappreciated when we try to change their opinions. … Read More

What do You Love About Men?

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I admire the ability of men to put their values above their emotions; the support and trust I feel when I am around them; and their qualities of strength, focused purpose, and honour. What do you love about men?

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It is hard for men to admit that they have no idea about something or that they don’t know how to resolve a problem. So your partner might never ask you what you need to feel happy. He might try different things that won’t work for you. He’ll just feel inadequate for not being able to make you happy. He’ll suffer silently. So it is up to you — in a gentle manner — to share with him what would make you happy. I highlight, in a soft feminine manner, as a request and not a demand. Now think what needs to happen so that you feel loved. Share this with your man!  He’d be thrilled to make you feel … Read More

Are you over-functioning in your relationship?

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Are you over-functioning in your relationship? Are you always the one trying to connect and be close to your man? There is a distinction of leaning in and leaning out. If you always lean in, he doesn’t have a choice but to lean out. There is no space for him to step into. And it kills his desire for you. There is no excitement for him anymore — you are always there in his face. There is nothing to achieve, no sense of being successful. What to do instead? To find the answer, register for my free virtual bootcamp here

How Well Do You Know Your Man?

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Does your partner understand you and what you need? Do you blame him for not understanding you? Do you understand your partner and what he/she needs? Think of your man. Do you know what your man values in life? What drives him in life? What’s important to him? Does he have any goals? Is he trying to achieve something? Ask him. Let him talk. It can take him a while to get started. Don’t offer your view or suggestions after his first sentence. Wait and listen. I know it can be very hard; I count up to ten to make it easier for me not to interrupt. What we often do is ask a question, and then when a man … Read More

Are You Making This Love-Sucking Mistake?

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Hi Beautiful Women tend to be more invested in the relationships and unfortunately, Gorgeous, this can sometimes have a negative impact on our romantic life. When in a partnership, you may make the mistake of trying to figure out what your other half is thinking; and trying to figure out how to improve the relationship. You may even go the lengths of making plans, assuming that it will help their relationship. Remember Darling, that you are not a mind reader and that the male brain works in completely different ways to that of a female. Instead of falling into the trap of becoming a ‘thought investigator’, why not just relax and try to enjoy the relationship that you’re in? Talk … Read More