Are You Making This Love-Sucking Mistake?

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Hi Beautiful
Women tend to be more invested in the relationships and unfortunately, Gorgeous, this can sometimes have a negative impact on our romantic life. When in a partnership, you may make the mistake of trying to figure out what your other half is thinking; and trying to figure out how to improve the relationship. You may even go the lengths of making plans, assuming that it will help their relationship.
Remember Darling, that you are not a mind reader and that the male brain works in completely different ways to that of a female.
Instead of falling into the trap of becoming a ‘thought investigator’, why not just relax and try to enjoy the relationship that you’re in? Talk to your partner about the things you would like to do and allow him to initiate future plans. If he doesn’t, then plan something for your beautiful self rather than revolving your life around him.
Tarisha Tourok

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