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romantic-couple-101095225It is hard for men to admit that they have no idea about something or that they don’t know how to resolve a problem. So your partner might never ask you what you need to feel happy. He might try different things that won’t work for you. He’ll just feel inadequate for not being able to make you happy. He’ll suffer silently.

So it is up to you — in a gentle manner — to share with him what would make you happy. I highlight, in a soft feminine manner, as a request and not a demand.

Now think what needs to happen so that you feel loved.

Share this with your man!  He’d be thrilled to make you feel loved because he gets so much out of it!

There are nutritious juices pouring out of our skin when we are happy, making your relationship thrive even further. If you give him this information, everyone will benefit.

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