How to sustain passion in a committed relationship

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Why do we lose passion in long-term relationships?

How can we restore the intensity of feelings that we had in the beginning of our relationships?

Yes, we need to learn a way of communication that inspires love and also we need to bring more feminine/masculine polarity into the relationship.

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There are women who are more masculine at their core, and there are men who are more feminine, naturally, at their core. However, most men are more masculine, and most women are more feminine.

Frequently what happens is that women in this modern day act a lot from the masculine energy to achieve success. Men, being confused with all the demands modern life puts on them, start to act more from their feminine energy. This is exactly how the passion fades away, this is depolarisation of feminine and masculine energies in the relationship.

Think of magnets, if both poles become more neutral, the attraction is greatly reduced.

One of the ways in which depolarisation occurs, is when a woman (or man) does things that take away from the other person’s sexual essence. For example, one of the core differences between masculine and feminine is that men are driven by direction in life, and women are driven by emotions.

If woman questions her partner’s direction or worse takes charge in directing their relationship, she disrespects her man and he loses some of his masculine energy.

If a man judges woman for her emotions and way of expressing them, she stops feeling safe to express herself and disconnects from her feminine essence.

This is lethal to passion.

What NOT to do with men


– Question whether he knows where he’s going whilst driving, or getting frustrated that he appears lost, or getting angry at him for it and even exclaiming that you’re late because of him, or rolling your eyes. This hurts a masculine man deeply.

– Suggesting you call a mechanic to help him with the car when he is diligently trying to fix it himself!

– Suggesting he ask somebody for directions.

– Ridiculing his goals and dreams.

– Not supporting him with his goals and dreams.

– Mentioning his failures to get that job, get the raise, get that promotion, get that degree.

– Making him wrong.

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