Conversations That Matter

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conversations that matter

I’ve recently came back from the Feminine Power retreat in San Francisco with over one hundred gorgeous women. Wow! It was so profound!

In the morning, during in-sessions, at lunch, at dinner and on our walks we were having conversations that matter.

I never felt so heard, understood, seen, appreciated and inspired to do my work. It’s amazing how much intimacy and connection ‘just listening’ creates.

Are you having conversations that matter in your relationships? Or do you mainly discuss functional details of life with your partner?

Now is the time to start having conversations that matter!

Here are the steps:

1. Take a moment to breathe deeply and focus on your inner world. What’s really going on with you? What matters to you? How do you feel? What’s opening up in your world?

2. Become curious about your partner’s experience. Step into authentic curiosity about this human being that has an immense wealth of inner experiences. Let go of the idea that you know your partner because you’ve been together for years and years.

3. Ask your partner: “What’s really going on for you? What matters to you? What possibilities do you sense are opening up in your life? What are you committed to achieve or create?”

4. Listen to your partner as if they are the most important person in the world, expressing the most important idea or feeling. Listen from a place of depth and fresh curiosity. Taking the time to do step 1 is very important in preparing you for listening from depth. Listening from a place of depth allows the other person to connect to what’s really going on for them. They will discover something new and profound for themselves because you listen from this new place.

5. Be amazed at the depth of connection you generate by having conversations that matter.

Having conversations that matter is a very generous gift.

Let me know what happens!

With a big warm hug,


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