Use your man to have delicious ecstatic sex

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Love is all about sharing, giving from an overflow.

Love is not about trying to make our man to give us what we missed on in our childhood and what we are missing now.

The simple truth here is, we are fully capable of giving ourselves what we need.

It’s a marvellous thing to use your partner to share your joy and love of life.


To be partners in the adventure of life.

To do mischief together.

To celebrate your beauty.

To celebrate his beauty.

To have delicious ecstatic sex.

Use him for this!

Please, please don’t use him to make you feel better when you feel crap.

Don’t use him for security and as a wall between you and life.

Don’t use him as an object that you own and that owes you his existence, has to read your mind and make you happy.’

From my book ‘Deeply In Love Again: An Essential Guide For the Modern Woman to Get the Spark Back and Enjoy the Relationship She Really Wants.




Tarisha Tourok
Feminine Magic Coach

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