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It is hard for men to admit that they have no idea about something or that they don’t know how to resolve a problem. So your partner might never ask you what you need to feel happy. He might try different things that won’t work for you. He’ll just feel inadequate for not being able to make you happy. He’ll suffer silently. So it is up to you — in a gentle manner — to share with him what would make you happy. I highlight, in a soft feminine manner, as a request and not a demand. Now think what needs to happen so that you feel loved. Share this with your man!  He’d be thrilled to make you feel … Read More

Do you feel the urge to follow your man?

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When you feel the urge to follow your man, to plan your weekend together or talk to him too much, breathe deeply, ask yourself “What am I feeling? What is happening with me right now?” Turn toward yourself and stay with yourself: What is moving in you, what wants to be expressed? Instead of following your man, you follow yourself. This will create some space between the two of you and a space for him to step into. It’s a much better idea for you to stay open to your man but don’t extend yourself to him. Leave space for him to come to you, to chase you. Learn more secrets to revive love in your relationship at my virtual … Read More

Fill up your love tanks

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For you to enjoy your man you need to have your love tanks full before you meet him. Of course, sometimes it’s nice to moan about how unfair life is and let him prove to you that you are beautiful and smart and good, but this can’t be the basis for your relationship. It’s just plain unfair to him. from my book ‘How to make him fall in love with you all over again: 7 weeks to more intimacy and delicious sex’

Are you ready to stop arguing?

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“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew” Albert Einstein Does it happen that you argue about the same thing again and again? In my experience repetition brings a sense of despair and helplessness, oh no, again! We’ll never understand each other! What’s underneath these problems? What causes them? Why do they repeat? We usually believe we know how things are supposed to be done and criticise the other person for not doing it our way. We get into a box and try to make the other to step into our box. Of course he resists! He doesn’t want to leave his box for our one. How do … Read More

Do you feel grateful?

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Hi Beautiful I have a very short Homeplay for you today. Write a gratitude letter to your partner.  What do you appreciate him for? What does he mean to you? What do you love about him? Gratitude creates plenitude and then we are able to share more love with others. Gratitude will open up your heart and give you tingly warm feeling. And of course if you share it with your partner, he’s eyes will start to shine! But you don’t have to share if you don’t feel comfortable. Enjoy! With all my heart, Tarisha TourokRe-Ignite Your Passion P.S. Are you ready to go deeper, step into your magnetic sensuality and turn your relationship around? Click here for a … Read More