Are You Mistakenly Pushing Your Man Away?

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Beautiful, this is a classic mistake made by many. Without thinking, you automatically adjust the way you act to make yourself more accommodating to your man. You may stop doing the things you love, such as wearing a certain type of clothing, or you may stop seeing your friends as much. Gorgeous, you may think that changing who you are will have a positive effect on your relationship. Maybe you used to love nothing more than spending a Saturday afternoon shopping with your friends, and then all of a sudden you find you have become a latch-on to your soccer supporting other half! If this is you, you have been getting it all wrong! But don’t panic; I will soon … Read More

Are You Making This Love-Sucking Mistake?

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Hi Beautiful Women tend to be more invested in the relationships and unfortunately, Gorgeous, this can sometimes have a negative impact on our romantic life. When in a partnership, you may make the mistake of trying to figure out what your other half is thinking; and trying to figure out how to improve the relationship. You may even go the lengths of making plans, assuming that it will help their relationship. Remember Darling, that you are not a mind reader and that the male brain works in completely different ways to that of a female. Instead of falling into the trap of becoming a ‘thought investigator’, why not just relax and try to enjoy the relationship that you’re in? Talk … Read More

Are You Boring Your Man to Death?

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We all need to feel safe & secure: it is a basic human need. For women safety is very important; when we feel secure we are free to open up and can dive deep into our feminine side. That’s why we love strong men, we feel secure and able to let go. Men need to feel secure as well. They need to know that they are loved unconditionally and that we are there for them. When your man makes a mistake or is struggling, do you take that moment to tear him down or to build him up? Does he know you got his back, that you are there for him? Sometimes my partner waits to the last minute to … Read More

What’s the point of sex?

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What’s the point of sex? What’s the point of love-making? Do you know? Do you? Yes, it’s all about connecting to the other, connecting and seeing deeply into the other. And showing yourself, fully, completely. Do you do it? Do you allow to be seen? Do you really see the one you are with? Love you! Tarisha Tourok Creating the deepest intimacy possible Coach

How are you showing your love?

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Hello Gorgeous We need to engage every day in bonding behaviours with our partners to sustain our relationships. How are you going to let your partner know that you care about him and love him today? Here are some of the examples of bonding behaviours: *eye gazing *touching with the intention to soothe *lying together in a spooning position with the intention to nurture *complimenting *attentive listening What is your favourite bonding behaviour? Let me know! With Love Tarisha Tourok