A simple secret to re-ignite passion

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Hello Beautiful! Why is it that you feel unsatisfied and bored in your relationship? Where is that passion and excitement you had when you were just dating? We live in a masculine world, where actions and achievements are most valued.  We are forgetting our fluid feminine nature and act as if we were men.  We set goals, work hard and always move forward without being actually connected to our inner soft womanly part, quite often we don’t even know what we are feeling inside.  We achieve success at a price of our happiness.  We loose ourselves in actions and achievements starting to feel empty, dissatisfied and stuck. But men yearn to melt, to experience the feelings world through us.  Men … Read More

11 Sneaky Intimacy Tricks

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Honestly… Enough with all the hard work! Do you know these simple tricks to receive more affection and enjoy heart-melting intimacy? 1. Greet your partner in a way that creates deeper connection. Pay attention to how you greet your partner. Is it with a list of chores? Or problems? Or just a sideways ‘Hi’ without any eye contact? What to do instead: Stop what you are doing; your partner deserves a minute of your undivided attention. Look at them, smile, hug and hold them dearly while hugging for at least 10 seconds (champions go for a whole minute! Let me know if it’s you here). This is better done in silence. Your relationship will benefit immensely! And this will only take … Read More

13 Things You Need To Give Up If You Want To Enjoy A Deeply Connected & Loving Relationship

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You finally found it… Give them up or destroy your love. 1. Compromising Maybe when you were single, you loved going dancing. Now that you are in a relationship and you know that you partner prefers you to stay at home with you, you stopped dancing to please them. Though you really really miss dancing. This is compromising. Dictionary definition of ‘compromise’ – an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. Meaning of ‘concession’ – the act of admitting a defeat, the act of giving up. Have you heard this myth that relationships are about compromising? It surely makes us resentful and less present in the relationship. It makes couples fantasize about breaking up … Read More

Want to get the spark back? Enjoy 247% more excitement with this secret.

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Do you yearn to get the spark back? I’ve just finished working with a couple and it’s amazing how their relationship changed! They can’t stop giggling and looking at each other with fondness. Oh, this brings so much joy to my heart! When we get older, the name of the game is deeper and deeper connection. How can I show myself more? How can I open up more? How can I provide a safe environment for my partner, so he or she can open up more? If you lost that spark, you need to ask yourself: how emotionally connected do I feel? If there is distance, you need to work on enhancing your connection. The variety in committed relationships comes … Read More

The Women’s Day, 8th of March.

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I have a dream. It reminds me of spring time in Russia. The Women’s Day, 8th of March. Women are smiling, happy and radiant. Men are walking on the streets with flowers, looking at every woman as a precious beautiful Gift. The look in men’s eyes allows women to feel even more beautiful and loved. Women appreciate men for that. They start to see the best in men. Women start to feel that “ahhh” in their hearts and become even more beautiful and graceful. Seeing so much beauty, men start to adore women even more. The sun is smiling; the snow is melting. And so it goes on. Love and beauty grow until the day becomes overwhelmingly magical and all … Read More

Your attention is precious

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Your attention is precious. It’s more important than time.   Don’t put your attention on the things that are not important. What do you want to create in your life? Put your attention there. Don’t waste it. Do you want love and connection? Or problems and arguments? Friendship and joy? Or stress and tiredness?   What is one small action that you can do today to create more of what you want? Comment below to give each other some ideas. Do you need more ideas? Join us for 3-hour “Fire Up Your Relationship to Enjoy Heart-to-Heart Connection and an Exciting Love Life” in Westmere, Auckland on Sunday 28 August at 3pm. Tarisha Re-Ignite Your Love Coach Relationship Counselling Auckland P.S. Need … Read More

It’s crucial to have fun as a couple

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How much fun are you having as a couple? How much fun did you use to have? Do you know that laughing together creates deeper connection and allow us to resolve the issues with more ease? Post your best tips for having fun as a couple below! And if you need some inspiration to create more excitement and deeper intimacy in your relationship, join me for a “Fire Up Your Connection” couples workshop in Auckland on 8th November. Register here >> https://deeplyinloveagain.com/free-couples-workshop/ Tarisha Tourok Relationship counselling Auckland  

True growing edge

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The growing edge of humanity is not in figuring out how to build new machines, it’s in learning how to connect and love no matter what. Can we accomplish this big task by ourselves? I don’t think so. To truly transform our intimate relationships we need support of those who can show us our blind spots. It’s impossible to change our relationships just by learning skills. We need to be able to deal with our emotions. Because if we get upset with our partner, we forget all the skills and become pure emotion, we jump into our primal brain and using skills requires us to be in our logical brain. We all get disconnected, we all get upset. What we … Read More

Working with your spouse or partner – How can you mix business and love and not hate each other?

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How can working with your spouse or partner actually work and still have you both love each other in the end? Let’s be honest, working in a business together with your spouse or partner is a pretty BIG ask. It is no small feat to be lovers, and co-owners of a business together, and then what about when you add kids to the mix as well … How on earth do you manage all of that and still actually love each other at the end of the day enough to jump into bed together in a happy loving state? Great question! I can tell you that it is possible because that is what I have created in my life. I … Read More