Should I Stay or Should I Leave My Relationship?

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should I stay or should I leave my relationship

Should I stay or should I leave? Tough question… And painful. Painful to stay feeling unfulfilled and unloved. Painful to leave not knowing if it’s the right decision. Especially if you have children. There is a reason why you want to figure out if your current relationship is right for you.  Maybe you want to… experience a deep & fulfilling connection be seen and appreciated for who you are feel at home with your partner, peaceful and relaxed enjoy excitement and passion The problem is, if you are not sure whether to stay or not, this uncertainty can destroy your relationship. You need to know your love blueprint to make a decision that benefits everyone involved. Which one are you? … Read More

Are you in the right relationship?

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are you in the right relationship

The relationship road could be hellish…  It seems that the story of ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t stand the test of reality… Relationships are a fast track to personal growth. And somehow humans grow through discomfort and tension.  Good news: if you are having problems in your relationship – it’s normal. What is your experience? Hit reply to share. None of us are perfect people. So it makes sense that relationship between two imperfect humans is challenging. We all misinterpret things, react and get upset. It’s okay. It’s part of being human. I know, I know, we are tricked into believing that if we find that perfect partner, it’d be all chocolate and roses. And some of us continue looking for … Read More