Secrets that men will never tell you but you need to know to relax in love

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Discover these differences between men and women to create a passionate marriage and long-lasting love. Do you ever wonder why your man is ignoring you, why he looks at other women and how to get his attention? Watch this video!

 Secrets that men would never tell you…


You need to know to create a magical intimate relationship.

Secret number 1 – he wants to make you happy

Somehow, when they make us happy, they feel much happier if they just did something for themselves. Their intent is always good; it’s their lack of knowledge that hurts us and makes us feel unloved.

What makes you feel loved? Share this with your man!

I promise, he’d be thrilled to make you feel loved because he gets so much out of it!

Secret number 2: your man is single-focused

When they are involved in something, they simply cannot keep us uppermost in their minds

So, when he is watching TV, it doesn’t mean he’s ignoring you.  He just can’t multitask — he is all in that TV, that’s how his brain works.

If you want his attention, attract him into love, seduce him.

Secret number 3: men are hunters

They like to achieve. This makes them feel successful. And when a woman starts

To behave as a pursuer of a man, it’s a real turn off for a man.

Are you over-functioning in your relationship? Are you always the one trying to

Connect and be close to your man?

Leave his some space to step in!

Secret number 4: all men look at other women

When he looks at other women it has nothing to do with you, they turn his head.

It is an expression of his masculine nature.

If you love your man, accept the whole package.

Secret number 5: men need time on their own

They need time with other men just as we need time with other women.

When your man goes away to do his own thing, it has nothing to do with you,

It’s NOT a reflection on how he feels about you.

Continue to do what makes you happy and stay open and loving towards your man, he’ll come back to you much sooner and will want to spend time with you.

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