Trust, Openness, Intimacy – What is your Relationship Intention?

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How is your love life?

If it’s not quite the way you want it, I wonder if you’ve created an intention to manifest the relationship that you really want?

We need to let the universe know what we desire to create in our lives. Once we see the image of where we want to be and are able to articulate it, the universe has a chance to help us align our life with our vision. Once we know where we want to go, that vision draws us forward, and we see the reason for changing our habits. Our vision inspires us and keeps us moving forward, especially when our path seems littered with obstacles and progress feels slow.

When I started to work on my relationship, this was my intention.

I create a playful, delicious, conscious, true partnership with my beloved, full of trust, openness, and intimacy. We support each other no matter what. I support, nurture, encourage, and care about my beloved. I inspire my beloved to manifest his highest potential. My beloved adores me. I feel supported and loved. I feel secure with him. Together we express and live the fullness of who we are. Our life is full of abundance. We live in joy and love. Everything is possible. Our life is full of adventure and growth.

What is your intention?

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