How to Fix Your Marriage

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how to fix my marriage

Are You Trying to Figure Out How to Fix Your Marriage?

Is this the question you are going to bed with: “How do I fix my marriage?”

What if encountering difficulties in your relationship is not a problem?

What if you don’t need to focus on fixing problems?

Relationships are about growth and expansion.

If you are prepared to grow and become the best possible version of yourself, then relationships are for you!

Are you IN?

Here is what Peter Pearson from The Couples Institute says:

“What if a good marriage was not about focusing on fixing problems? What if a good marriage was not learning a new set of skills or tools?

The most common requests couples who are starting therapy have is for communication skills and tools for a better relationship.

This is an understandable but misguided request.

What if couples were taught skills and tools, with penetrating insights on how to improve, but there was no underlying dedication to growth?

What if a great marriage is about character? The sum of moral strength, fortitude, self-discipline, integrity, curiosity and caring.

Tools are about using your mind. They neglect the heart. Merging your heart and mind is what creates the transformation.”

I can’t agree more. If you want to have a loving relationship, you need to put your heart into it. You need to see the beauty in your partner even when they frustrate you.

It’s a mindset shift, rather than learning new skills. Skills are useful, but only with the right attitude.

What if your relationship is a reflection of your internal world?

What if the question to ask is: I wonder, what do I need to love and accept in myself to see my external relationship change? How do I need to expand myself to create a different dynamic in my relationship?

Read Peter Pearson’s article here:

With a hug,

Tarisha Tourok

Ignite Your Radiance Coach


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