My article in the Western Leader

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Reporter Simon Smith caught up with me to find out about my very exciting and unusual job. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Simon is a wonderful and calm reporter.

Some of the questions that he asked me:

What is love?

Western Leader 22 jan 15

“For me it is a feeling when I’m with my partner that we are together and there is a deep connection. We support each other in growing together. Oh, and there’s lots of fun and excitement as well.”

What does your job entail?

“I help people to create more love in their relationships and to understand each other better. Usually it’s people in long-term relationships who find the passion and love goes away. I help them overcome differences and resolve arguments to connect on a deeper level.”

What things create the disconnect between partners?

“It’s when we take each other and the relationship for granted and we don’t create a special space to connect and be together. I also find that in our culture we don’t good role models because often our parents weren’t in a very loving harmonious relationship.”

When is a relationship not worth saving and when is it?

“Relationships are worth working on because otherwise the next one can have the same pattern. I believe we can only get out when we know we have done our 100 per cent. When that happens there is no more pain or attachment, more a feeling of freedom and emptiness – that we have done what we needed to do together.”

What is one tip you have for couples to bring the love back?

“Couples need to realise that both partners want to be happy. No-one actually wants to make the other one miserable and no-one is misbehaving. We need to realise we are partners in this and we are here to help each other.”

What do you love about doing your job?

“I really love seeing people have a profound breakthrough. There are a lot of emotions and people usually come in in quite a closed space and in pain, but during the session it gets released and people start smiling.”