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Why Work With Me

Here’s a cold fact; 50 % of marriages fail. Out of this 50%, only half of them say they are happily married. 28% of children live in single-parent families, where a single parent is predominantly a woman.

It’s also a sad fact that many women are settling for less than what they truly desire. Women are living smaller lives than what they are capable of.

This is not okay with me, and I am sure it’s not ok with you; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

We all behave as if a loving and exciting relationship is something that we should just know how to nurture, but, the fact is that most of us never had roles models to teach us!

I invite you to ask for support and learn new ways of relating. Yes, you are here to experience that deep and magical love!

However, it does require you to prioritize your relationship; to focus your energy in new ways and to learn new skills.

Are you in?

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I’m not a typical relationship coach. I don’t give you advice on what to say to your partner or how to look at them in a way you hope will make the love you more. I focus on who you are in the relationship rather than on what you do. We can change our behaviour, but if we don’t change what we believe about ourselves and lives, then we cannot expect much to alter..

I don’t ask you to force yourself into behaving differently but I do offer you the blueprint for changing the way you are with your partner so that you naturally start to relate to them in a different way. This is the foundation on which it will be easy for you to create a harmonious relationship.

Here’s to your magical loving relationship!


Tarisha Tourok