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  • The NUMBER ONE mistake that destroys love in a lot of relationships.

    If you’re wondering WHY you’re not getting the affection and understanding you desire, you’re probably pushing your partner away without even knowing it. (I’ll tell you how!)

  • The 3 essential actions you need to take to banish the frustration and disconnection.

    (It’s time to bring back belly laughs and soulful conversations.)


Deeply in Love Again: Avoid 3 Common Mistakes Couples Make That Keep Them Feeling Disconnected, Unloved and Frustrated

  • The B word that could be killing your relationship.

    And how to remedy this immediately.

  • Right & wrong communication methods

    – and one huge pointer that will increase intimacy and understanding in your relationship!

  • The secret yet powerful habit that all happy couples practise.

    It will solve your relationship problems. (No, it’s not what you think…)

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